2016 AIPP awards | Melbourne family & birth photographer | Hyggelig Photography

The end of August brought with it the annual AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards otherwise known as APPA.
This year I was fortunate enough to receive 3 Silver awards from my 4 entries. The fourth scored High professional practice. Its a nerve wracking experience to have images you love being judged, but each year I come away more inspired than ever.

This image one of my favourites from a session last year, entered into the Family Category scored Silver in both the 2016 APPA and state VPPY awards.
Mumma wanted to capture her crew in full personality and we found the perfect location to do just that.
Melbourne award winning family photographer

Every year this gorgeous girl’s mum commissions me for milestone portraits, entered in the APPA awards it scored high in professional practice and Silver at the state VPPY Awards. (no little one’s were harmed in creating this image)

award winning family photographer

Birth photography is a field that I’m forever grateful to be hired for. To be able to capture these moments, where Mum and Dad get to first greet their babe is rewarding, but then having judges to be able to see exactly what I did through the lens and reward it with a Silver thats even more awesome!

Melbourne birth photogapher

Entering the Pet/Animal category for the first time this year, I wanted to highlight an ongoing issue that many beautiful people take time out in their own lives to save and rescue abandoned and helpless animals. This little one was rescued with her litter and hand reared from one day old. Second Chance Animal Rescue are amongst some amazing not for profit rescue groups who do a wonderful job in saving lives and giving furballs a second chance in life!  Then there is Oscar’s law who are working hard to abolish the puppy farms, remember please #adoptdontshop. With all this in mind it was so wonderful to be awarded with a Silver for this image.

Award winning pet photographer