A handfasting ceremony | Stones Winery | Melbourne Wedding photography

It was a year ago today Georgie and Paul were married. From the first time Georgie started telling me about their handfasting (wedding) I couldn’t wait to be there, and photograph it! 
While my husband and I had a handfasting part to our own wedding ceremony,

I knew this would be a little more.

With their celebrant & priestess Seline, they organised a ceremony that was different from the “norm” but
so perfect for them. Before the ceremony, the groomsmen greeted guests with ribbons, 
asking them to tie a knot, to impart their love onto the day.

 You will notice all guests were asked to stand in a circle, to surround Paul & Georgie creating a
safe space. Barefeet to be in touch with the earth, drinking from a shared goblet and jumping the broom
at the end of the ceremony.

 Stones of the Yarra Valley, a gorgeous location with the perfect trees for the ceremony.
The reception inside their barn full of light & laughter with their closest family & friends.
Lunch on long tables with shared plates of amazing food.

 I love that no 2 weddings are alike, but even more those that introduce me to something brand new.


Very artistic photography. Great job.

you are right … this couple chose a wedding just for them … and it is beautiful

Wonderful images! Love the images in front of those hedges!

What a great story, well captured!

I love that this couple made it completely their own, and her bridal style is amazing! I wish more brides made daring choices!

What a fun and unique wedding! Lovely images!

Gorgeous. I really like the dark gowns and the portraits under the chandelier!

Beautiful! What a cool wedding.

Looks like a fun couple and fun wedding. The broom was a nice touch. 🙂