Maximum Memories, Minimal Fuss: Embrace the Magic of Micro Weddings

In today’s world, where the hustle and bustle often overshadow the little moments, many couples are choosing to celebrate their love in a way that is intimate, meaningful, and beautifully personal. Welcome to the enchanting world of elopements and micro weddings, where less truly is more, and every moment is cherished. We understand the magic of these small-scale celebrations and are here to capture every heartfelt detail, ensuring your day is as unforgettable as your love story.

Two joyous people celebrate in front of a vibrant red and pink floral backdrop. The person on the left has a colorful tattoo on their back, wears zebra-striped pants, and holds up a bouquet of flowers. The person on the right, wearing a green dress with puffed sleeves, embraces them and holds up another bouquet. Both are smiling and appear to be in high spirits, capturing a lively and exuberant moment.
Elopements and micro weddings are gaining popularity, and for good reason. According to the Australian Wedding Industry Report 2024, there has been a significant rise in smaller weddings driven by the desire for more intimate and cost-effective celebrations. The report highlights that many couples are opting for weddings with fewer than 50 guests, focusing on meaningful connections and personal touches rather than large-scale extravagance​ (Hire A Bridesmaid)​​ & (Easy Weddings)​.


If you’re dreaming of a micro wedding that combines simplicity with fun and a sprinkle of frivolity, look no further than HQ. Nestled in charming Coburg North, HQ offers a colourful backdrop for your micro marriage. Its versatile spaces and warm, inviting atmosphere make it the perfect venue to create maximum memories with minimal fuss. As seen here on a Dancing With Her feature!

HQ transforming from blah to wow

Zee Scott, the creative storyteller and official party starter, is your go-to person for a ceremony with a whole lot of heart. Zee’s bespoke ceremonies are fun, upbeat, and tailored to kick-start your wedding with a bang. Whether it’s tequila shots to seal the deal or your dog as the ring bearer, Zee ensures that simple is still special.

From the moment you meet Zee, to the moment you say “I do,” and beyond, she will ensure you are comfortable with your decisions. Working with all couples from all communities, Zee offers a unique setting that combines big wedding features in an intimate space for up to eight guests.

The Hyggelig Experience

What sets Hyggelig Photography apart is our commitment to capturing the genuine, heartfelt moments that make your day unique. We specialize in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, putting you at ease and allowing your true emotions to shine through. From a sweet, shy smile to a tearful embrace, we are there to document every precious detail. Janet, the talented photographer at Hyggelig Photography, captures the essence of love and connection with every click of the camera. Her descriptive and evocative style ensures that your wedding photos are not just pictures but a true reflection of your journey together. Janet’s ability to capture the magic of intimate moments makes your love story come alive through her lens.

The Beauty of Simplicity

One of the most beautiful aspects of elopements and micro weddings is their simplicity. With fewer guests and less formalities, you can focus on what truly matters – your love for each other. This simplicity allows for more meaningful interactions, deeper connections, and a celebration that feels authentically you.

Embrace the Possibilities

Elopements and micro weddings offer endless possibilities for creativity and personalization. However, if an intimate gathering at the HQ is a little smaller than your vibe, remember your options are limitless. Chat to Zee or Janet about leveling up.

Ready to plan your perfect micro wedding, simple, intimate, and beautifully yours? Contact Zee and get the ball rolling.

Source: Australian Wedding Industry Report 2024 by Easy Weddings​ (Easy Weddings)​.

A tender moment captured outdoors: a mother and father lovingly kiss their baby on the cheeks during their micro wedding. The baby, dressed in a floral outfit and wearing a whimsical flower crown, looks content between the two. The mother, in a light-colored dress with a pearl necklace, leans in from the left, while the father, in a blue suit with a colorful boutonniere, leans in from the right. The background is a lush, green park with blurred trees, enhancing the warmth and intimacy of the family moment, making their special day even more memorable by including their beloved daughter.