Try not smiling | Hyggelig Photography Melbourne wedding photographer

We always knew this wedding would be fun,
but when the krumping started there was no turning back…..

watch this space! You’ll want to see the rest


Great photos! Also, the gif made me lol. <3

You had me smiling on the first frame and laughing in the second. LOVE these!

Gorgeous! I love the gif 🙂

THE.BEST!!!!! Love this so much. You’re all awesome 😀

Yup, I couldn’t keep a straight face! They are too fun!

i agree with DAMIAN, last photo is really great. reminds me of some place in Morocco 🙂

That first photo is SO PRETTY!

O man I just love that gif! Inspired!

WOW! that Location! hope you will post more soon…

Love the sense of “delay” on the last one where it takes you a few seconds to see them.

Very AWESOME! I LOVE Sorrento – such a gorgeous location!

You are hilarious! I love this so much! Will have to get a digital photo frame so that we can have the .gif file working 24/7 on the mantle piece.

I can’t stop laughing!

This sequence alone has captured the day pretty damn well!