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So we have a couple of hoods,  inner west Melbourne is where our home is but we also have a office in Fitzroy and I think the inner North is just as ace. In saying that though, we do have a sweet spot for travelling around the city, our country or even the world to explore rad new spaces. If you've found an art wall for your new family photo, a beach cliff face for a sunset maternity, even some spectacular willow trees for sneaky kisses. All ace elements that we LOVE, to capture with those grins, connections and those big puffy heart moments that are so much a part of Life + Love. 


So you want to know a bit more about me? Well, hey there! I’m Janet and I’m an award winning AIPP accredited photographer, I'm all Hyggelig + more.  Born in Denmark & fluent in Danish I grew up with "hygge" as second nature.

Husbo and I have been married for 11 years, and we have one amazing little 3-year-old human of our own with 4 nutty furbabes. The mini is our world, she is our rainbow and has only made my passion for photography stronger. I'm a firm believer in documenting everything, pictures say it better than words for me. I guess this is why I'm not a writer. We've just moved into a weatherboard house old enough to claim the pension and are ready to get our renovation hats on again!

Then there's my LOVE for all things music, travel and with a spot of vintage, retro and scandinavian flavour – you have me in a nutshell… oh and a small obsession with swallows & pandas.. Actually should I also mention that Salted Caramel is my weak spot?


This lady is the extrovert to my introvert.

Well known for her busy but amazingness at co ordinating things & events. Commonly seen at weddings as a second shooter or at mini shoots as "lets make the kids laugh their guts out" person. She also nails an ace headshot over here if you need an update!

She grew an awesome human, who like my own is very comfortable in front of the camera and has featured many times on the Hyggelig social pages.